Optometrist in Rogers Park

Optometrist in Rogers Park

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Optical prescriptions in Rogers Park

Your eyeglasses provide enhance so much of your everyday life with vision correction that gives you greater sharpness and clarity. But they can’t do any of that if your prescription is not up to date. Furthermore, the way your glasses are fitted to your face is a crucial aspect of them that may get overlooked elsewhere, but not here at Evanston Eyecare.

How often should you visit our optometrist in Rogers Park? For all adults, the answer is once per year in order to get a complete eye examination. In addition to doing screenings for eye disease, the part of your exam that is applicable to your eyeglasses is testing your vision to determine if your existing prescription is still the most appropriate ones for your current needs. They may not be. Even if you think your vision is adequate, there is a lot of room for improvement from there to excellent vision. The problem can grow even worse under some circumstances. And if your vision has changed significantly, it may be due to an undiagnosed condition. The fact remains, though, that you will still need a new optical prescription from our optometrist in Rogers Park. It’s not only frustrating to have less than optimal vision, but if you need your eyeglasses for something like driving your car or other vehicle, having an outdated set of lenses might be dangerous to you and others. Regarding fittings, we will refit your existing frames for you so that your lenses are properly centered in your field of vision and that you don’t suffer any discomfort from pinching or digging in of the frames. We’ll also tighten them if they’re too loose.

Contact our office to schedule your appointment to be examined by our optometrist in Rogers Park and make certain that your glasses are fit well and that the prescription is up to date.

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