Glaucoma Treatment in Rogers ParkGlaucoma Treatment in Rogers Park

Glaucoma Treatment in Rogers Park

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Glaucoma in Rogers Park

Although there isn’t a cure for glaucoma, with timely care, you can be confident that its effects will be mitigated so that your eyes remain healthy and your vision is not affected. Here at Evanston Eyecare, we recommend a yearly screening in order to promote the best possible outcomes.

The causes of glaucoma can be traced back to the imbalance between how much fluid your eyes create, and now much they are able to drain. A buildup of fluid increases internal eye pressure, and the eventual results include vision loss, optic nerve damage, and even blindness. Symptoms of this eye disease include red eyes, halos that surround light, tunnel vision, eye pain, loss of vision (even minimally), eye pain, and nausea or vomiting. But it’s crucial that you don’t wait for the onset of symptoms before seeking our glaucoma treatment in Rogers Park. The appearance of them typically means that you are facing the disease in an advanced state, putting you at risk for the worst consequences. Instead, come in annually for our diagnostic testing, such as tonometry, which is responsible for gauging your internal eye pressure. Photos of your optic nerve and other tests are performed so that a conclusive diagnosis may be reached. Only then will our glaucoma treatment in Rogers Park be considered. There are three common options. Medicated eye drops offer a non-invasive solution. Apply them daily to reduce the fluid production in your eyes, thereby correcting the underlying imbalance. Laser treatments improve the efficiency of drainage instead, and free you from the continued use of eye drops. And microsurgery centers around creating a brand new drainage channel.

Our glaucoma treatment in Rogers Park should be administered in a timely manner, so don’t wait to schedule your next visit for a complete eye examination. Just contact our office to set up a convenient time to come in.

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